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Jamón Ibérico is the iconic trademark of Spanish cuisine, and at Paella’s y mas we have chosen the finest selection of quality cured and grilled Bellota Jamón for you to indulge yourself. Savor the taste of free-range, acorn-fed pork! Each cut is beautifully marbled and full of flavor. Ibérico de Bellota pork surpasses many other types of meat in tradition, history, and most importantly in taste. This pork is red meat and unlike typical pork, it is full of flavor that speaks of the free-range lifestyle and unique diet of the black Ibérico breed. The curing process for the curred Jamón Ibérico is regarded as a sacred art, with many producers honoring traditions that go back thousands of years. At Paella’s y mas, we provide you the best in distinctive selections of Grilled and cured Spanish Jamón Ibérico.


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