Paellas and fideuas, the spanish flavour

Tempt your taste buds. Discover original and creative Paella and Fideua


“Nourishing, vibrant, and without pretension, paella made with rice and vegetables has held a place of honour and practicality in Spanish homes for centuries.  It originated from the Albufera region of Valencia in Eastern Spain. Paella has always been a dish that brings together family and friends. Its popularity and great taste has led to the dish being prepared throughout the country of Spain, as well as the world.”

But don’t just read about it; the best is simply to experience it at PAELLA’S Y MÁS Restaurant. Chef Javier Ponte’s “arrozeria” or “brasserie d’arroz” brings the best of Mediterranean cuisine where rice is the star. Dishes ranging from traditional homemade mixed paella or black rice to the more innovative oven baked paella Al Horno, Iberian pork ribs, morcilla sausage, and chorizo or the mouth-watering Fideua (thin Spanish pasta) with salmon, spinach and blue cheese. The best paellas in Marbella.




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